We are small business idea people. We believe in the entrepreneur, and exist to empower your ideas and develop them into real products and services.  We’re a collective of small business owners ourselves.  We share our expertise to help existing small businesses grow.  We offer coaching and consultative support to business owners who need a sounding board or a strategic plan, help with sales and marketing, accounting and operations.  We create online marketing solutions to help small businesses just like yours.  Adelphoi builds custom software solutions for the iPhone and Android as well as web based systems to improve your business operation.

We’re part agency, part idea factory.  We call ourselves a small business lab.  Why?  Because we help business owners launch, expand, and grow their businesses.  We become your strategic partner in launching a new business, rebooting an existing one, or developing your dream.  Our goal isn’t to sell you widgets you don’t need, but instead customize a solution to your business needs.  We confidentially serve you from a wide array of know-how.  Our service expertise spans management consulting, marketing and sales consulting, financial and accounting, strategic marketing, branding, design, custom website development, search engine optimization, video marketing, social media campaign management, mobile app development, and also physical product prototyping with go-to-market servicing.

So what’s your dream? Come talk to us, and let us help you build it.

Steve Tucker


Steve is the visionary behind much of Adelphoi’s endeavors. An entrepreneur, developer, businessman, philanthropist, author and inspirational leader, Steve has started 14 businesses and presided over 7 simultaneously.  Steve has pervasive experience in business start-ups, business management and operations, manufacturing, construction and construction management, product invention and innovation. Steve’s technology development including RFID process applications for creating systematic efficiencies within various manufacturing and inventory control processes, which put him in the forefront of business consulting and advising for and through private individuals and companies and collective group advisory boards. Steve has been a partner in Real Estate Development, Acquisition and Business Start Up Fund Sourcing in, part owner of a rural mesh wireless service provider and advisor to several tech start-ups. Steve has past experience as an Application Developer and Project Manager in a variety of proprietary business applications; wireless LOS and mesh systems implementation for providing wireless internet and VoIP services for local communities. He has spent the last three years training and discovering ways to provide the everyday business owners the knowledge and resources that, in the past, only the big companies could access. 

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